Step 5 - Get Certified


Obtaining RecycleOne Business Certification allows your business to be recognized for taking steps to reduce solid waste, increase recycling and save energy. The RecycleOne Business Certification requires an on-site review from the Authority to verify that specific solid waste management, recycling and energy reduction criteria have been achieved. If the criteria has been achieved, the Authority will issue a RecycleOne Business Certification to the business. To schedule an appointment to have Oneida-Herkimer Solid Waste Authority review your RecycleOne Business for certification, please call (315) 733-1224.

Recycleone Certified


Use this checklist to achieve RecycleOne Business Certification.

Like the RecycleOne residential program, the RecycleOne Business Certification program has been developed to increase the amount of recycling businesses can do, while reducing the dependance on our landfill and other natural resources.

  • Develop an Employee Green Team
  • Conduct a Waste Review
  • Recycle High-Grade Paper including Business Mail
  • Recycle Shredded Paper (Only exception to NO BAG rule. Place in a clear plastic bag then place with your regular recyclables)
  • Recycle Corrugated Cardboard and Lightweight Cardboard
  • Recycle Food and Beverage Containers
  • Utilize Recycled Content and Recycled Materials
  • Recycle Print and Toner Cartridges
  • Recycle Electronics (including computers, monitors, printers, photocopy machines, fax machines and telephones)
  • Recycle Fluorescent, CFL and Other Light Bulbs
  • Utilize Environmentally-Friendly Cleaning Products
  • Utilize Energy-Star Equipment and Appliances
  • Develop Other Waste and Energy Reduction Practices and Programs
  • Investigate an Organics Diversion, Recycling or Composting Program