Step 2 - Check Your Bins


Our on-site recycling review was developed for businesses, commercial operations, industrial operations and institutions that are looking to maximize recycling. The recycling review program helps provide your business with an approximate measurement of the current waste management practices and recommendations on how to increase your recycling levels. The program is designed to help commercial and industrial enterprises reduce waste disposal costs and increase recyclable material recovery rates.


The purpose of the waste review is to take a look at the trash and recycling bins around your office and take note of the following:

  • Are they full?
  • Do you have enough recycling bins?
  • What’s in them? Are there recyclables in the trash or vice versa?
  • How much of your garbage is food waste?
  • How often is your trash and/or recycling picked up?
  • Are recycling and trash containers clearly labeled and placed directly next to one another?

Each commercial, institutional and industrial waste stream has unique characteristics. Following the review, a Recycling/Waste Reduction Report will be provided, documenting the observations with suggestions and recommendations for your waste reduction/recycling program.

The on-site review will consist of:

  • Assessing current solid waste and recycling practices
  • Identifying waste generation points
  • Investigating dumpsters to document material being deposited
  • Assessing individual offices and waste produced to document participation and compliance rates
  • Document current recycling and waste reduction and locations in need of recycling bins