Recycling FAQ

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Can I recycle aerosol cans?

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YES. You must follow usage directions so the entire product is dispensed. Spray nozzles do not need to be removed. Aerosol cans that have contained paint, starter fluid, pesticides or other hazardous wastes should be placed in your garbage.

Can I recycle major appliances?

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YES. Major appliances or white goods (stoves, washers, dryers and hot water heaters) are accepted for recycling at our facilities in Rome and Utica at no charge. You may also deliver them to local scrap yards for recycling. They can not be recycled at curbside. Appliances containing CFCs (freon), such as refrigerators, air conditioners and freezers are also accepted for recycling at our facilities at $10.00 per item.

Can I shred my junk mail, personal papers or confidential papers/material?

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YES. Any personal or confidential papers should be destroyed before recycling. You may tear or shred personal papers before recycling the material. Shredded paper must be placed in a clear plastic bag and placed next to your recycling container. The Authority can offer businesses limited confidentiality during the recycling process. Once material is delivered to the Recycling Center it is baled and shipped to pulp and paper mills for recycling.

Can I recycle plastic bags with the recycling number in the triangle?

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NO. Please do not place plastic grocery bags with your recyclable material. We are presently not recycling plastic film such as plastic bags. This material should be reused or taken to local grocery or drug stores that provide film plastic recycling. Do not place bags of plastic bags with your recyclables.

Can I recycle prescription medicine bottles?

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NO. Place all prescription medicine bottles directly in the garbage.

Can I set out more than one recycling container for collection?

YES. Residents may set out as many recycling containers as necessary for collection.

Can I recycle my Styrofoam?

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NO. Styrofoam was removed from the Authority’s recycling program in the year 2000. There is lack of a market for that type of plastic, therefore it will not be recyclable under the RecycleOne program either. Styrofoam items should be placed with your garbage/trash.

Can I still bundle and tie my large pieces of cardboard?

NO. Recyclables cannot be bundled and tied with string or twine. The material must be placed loose into your recycling container. If your cardboard does not fit into your recycling container, you can flatten the pieces and place them next to or underneath your recycling container. You can also cut your cardboard into smaller pieces so that it will fit into your recycling container. Cardboard should be no larger than 3 feet by 3 feet.

Can I place my recyclables in a clear plastic bag so they won't get wet or blow away?

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NO. The only recyclable material that should be bagged is shredded paper.

If I live in the City of Utica, do I have to use an orange recycling container?

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NO. Residents in the City of Utica can use their orange recycling containers OR any durable plastic or metal lidded container of choice, under 35 gallons and not more than 50 pounds. A RecycleOne decal must be placed on the container to designate it as recycling. RecycleOne decals can be obtained from any of the Authority facilities or City Hall. Decals can also be mailed to residents if needed.

Can I drop-off recyclables for free to the Utica or Rome EcoDrops?

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YES. Recyclables are accepted at our Utica and Rome EcoDrops. Residents in Oneida and Herkimer Counties can deliver recyclables to either facility at NO charge. Click here for locations and hours of operation.

Can I recycle my old or unwanted mattress?

NO. Unfortunately, we do not recycle mattresses at our facility. However, please visit or for more recycling/reuse options.