All Authority facilities will be CLOSED on Monday, July 4th. We will operate normal business hours on Saturday 7/2 and Tuesday 7/5.

Step 1 - Get Organized


Establish A Recycling Coordinator

Establishing a Business Recycling Coordinator will help your entire recycling program become more effective. The Coordinator can provide employees with necessary information and guidelines for a successful recycling program. It is important that the Coordinator be the business contact person with the Oneida- Herkimer Solid Waste Authority staff.



Development of a Green Team

The development of a Green Team is an important step in managing your solid waste generated at your business. The Green Team should consist of individuals from every department at your business or building. The Green Team should be made up of members who are responsible for planning, directing, implementing, and monitoring your program, as well as employees interested in facility waste reduction and recycling. A notice should be posted to inform all employees that a Green Team has been formed to address recycling and waste reduction at your business.

Employee input is critical and should be included in the planning process. The major responsibility of Green Team members is to gather and organize information that will be used in planning, publicizing, executing, and monitoring your program. The Green Team should discuss resource areas such as solid waste reduction, increased recycling, energy usage, transportation issues, community action, recycling education and program promotion. In order to gain support you’ll need to make your recycling program work effectively. It’s important to thoroughly explain how it will function, when and where the collections will occur, and what kind of progress is being made.

This information can be communicated through creative displays, posters, and banners that are clear, simple and easily understood, as well as newsletters, payroll inserts, email messages and media releases.