Diverting Food Waste From The Regional Landfill

The Oneida-Herkimer Solid Waste Authority has constructed a facility that allows for the recovery of food scraps in order to divert them from the Regional Landfill and recover them for energy. With Food2Energy, we are able to divert food waste, which makes up roughly 22% of the waste stream, from the Regional Landfill.

Food2Energy is simple and cost-effective! The tipping fee for garbage in Oneida & Herkimer Counties is currently $60/ton, while the tipping fee for Food2Energy is $40/ton!

Food scraps may be delivered in bags and there is no requirement to remove packaging. The Authority is able to separate the packaging from the food scraps. The recovered food scraps are sent to the Oneida County Water Pollution Control Plant where they are turned into energy through a process called Anaerobic Digestion.

If you have a large quantity of food waste, are located outside of Oneida or Herkimer County or if you will need access to a loading dock, please call our office to make an appointment at (315) 733-1224.


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