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    Tons of material we have recycled since 1991

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    Metric Tons of CO2e Eliminated

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    Metric Tons of CO2e Eliminated

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    The Authority's school recycling program makes it easy for schools to recycle. From providing boxes and materials for our green team to conducting recycling assemblies, they have been a huge factor in the growth of recycling at our school.

    Craig Ferretti

    Principal, Camden Elementary School

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    Thank you for providing reuse options. I’ve been avoiding cleaning out my attic because I didn't want to see usable items go into the garbage. You've encouraged me to give my old things a second life!

    Samantha J, West Winfield, NY

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    I love using the "Am I Recyclable" tool! It is so easy to be able to type in item and get a quick answer on how to get rid of it properly."

    Jason Aiello

    Host, Talk of the Town, 100.7 FM

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    I love visiting the EcoDrop Utica! The setup is easy and convenient and I was surprised to learn just how many items can be delivered for FREE all year long for recycling.

    Mary W., Herkimer, NY