Regional Landfill

Land Fill

The Regional Landfill only accepts waste from Oneida and Herkimer Counties. The system allows the Authority to track waste from its source to disposal, providing users of the system with complete environmental indemnification.

Our integrated system also helps local industry eliminate the risk of environmental liability in a number of ways. To assure no hazardous waste reaches the landfill, all waste generated by industrial and manufacturing facilities must be pre-approved before acceptance for disposal. Independent state-approved labs are employed to analyze samplings of waste on a regular basis.

Once received, the Authority ensures that the waste is completely contained through a state-of-the-art landfill liner and leachate collection system.


7044 State Route 294 Boonville, NY 13309

Hours of Operation

  • Mon-Fri: 7am-3:30pm
  • Sat: CLOSED
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