Rechargeable Batteries

Under the "New York State Rechargeable Battery Law" signed by the governor in December 2011, it is now illegal to toss rechargeable batteries in the trash in New York State. The New York State Rechargeable Battery Law requires battery collection by both local retailers and direct sellers of rechargeable batteries. Under this law, no person shall knowingly dispose of rechargeable batteries as solid waste at any time in the State. Rechargeable batteries contained in electronic products must be removed prior to disposal of such products.

The law gives consumers the opportunity to drop off rechargeable batteries at local retail stores. The law already requires battery manufacturers to provide for collection and recycling of rechargeable batteries in a statewide program at no cost to customers.

Rechargeable batteries contain toxic metals that can be released into the environment when not managed correctly. Rechargeable batteries covered by this law include batteries for laptops, cameras, cell phones, and rechargeable alkaline batteries.

If a person should dispose of rechargeable batteries as solid waste, they shall face fines. Any retailer who violates the law shall be liable for a civil penalty.

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Here is a list of locations in which you can drop-off your rechargeable batteries at no cost:

  • Oneida-Herkimer Solid Waste Authority Eco Drop Utica and EcoDrop Rome
  • Best Buy - 4725 Commercial Drive, New Hartford
  • Grainger - 9446 State Route 49, Marcy
  • Home Depot - 545 French Road, New Hartford
  • JPJ Electronic Communications Inc. - 1 West Whitesboro Street, Yorkville
  • Lowes - 710 Horatio Street, Utica
  • Lowes - 4699 Middle Settlement Road, New Hartford
  • Lowes - 1230 Erie Boulevard West, Rome
  • McQuade and Bannigan Inc. - 1300 Stark Street, Utica
  • Radio Shack - 5819 Rome Taberg Road, Rome
  • Sears - 1 Sangertown Square, New Hartford
  • Staples - 107 Erie Boulevard West, Rome
  • Utica Valley Electric Supply - 2415 West Whitesboro Street, Yorkville
  • Verizon Wireless - 8500 Seneca Turnpike, New Hartford
  • Yorkville Battery - 5152 Commercial Drive, Yorkville

Household alkaline batteries should be placed in your trash for disposal. Previously, alkaline battery disposal posed environmental threat because of the mercury content. Since mercury has been phased out of battery production, single-use alkaline battery disposal has become simpler and safer and such items should be placed with your trash.