January 12, 2017

Village of Mohawk Households to Receive New Recycling Carts

The Village of Mohawk is pleased to announce a new recycling collection program for households that utilize the Village of Mohawk garbage bags or cart system for garbage collection. The goal of the program is to increase recycling and make collection more efficient and convenient in the Village.

Each property will receive a new cart for recyclable items only. The carts are property of Spohn Disposal and are not to be transferred to another location. All recyclable items must be placed loosely, with no plastic bags, string or twine, inside the new recycling cart with the lid closed to be eligible for pick-up. Garbage/trash is prohibited from being placed in the recycling cart.

Spohn Disposal will begin delivering the new recycling carts to households during the last week of January. Each cart is clearly labeled depicting acceptable recyclable items and residents will receive information regarding the proper placement of carts at the curb.

“Through recycling, we are able to conserve landfill space, raw materials and energy. The use of the new carts will also help beautify our Village by reducing litter,” stated Village of Mohawk Mayor James M. Baron.

For questions regarding the new recycling collection program or for other solid waste and recycling information, please contact Spohn Disposal at 866-8820, Oneida-Herkimer Solid Waste Authority at (315) 733-1224 or the Village of Mohawk at 866-4312.