Community Compensation

The Authority held numerous public hearings at the start of the landfill siting process in 1991 to gain input on the idea of providing a community compensation agreement for the community where the landfill would be located. Based upon this input, the Authority made a commitment to provide such a community compensation agreement.

Agreements were subsequently negotiated with the Town of Ava and the Town and Village of Boonville.

Town of Ava Agreement

The following are key provisions of the agreement:

  • Annual payment to the Town of $335,000.
  • Continuation of equipment loan and free trash disposal (2 clean-ups) by the Authority to the Town valued at $20,000 per year.
  • The annual payment of $25,000 toward emergency services.
  • Regular reporting by the Authority to the Town on environmental monitoring.
  • Commitment by the Town not to sue or fund litigation against the landfill.

The payments by the Authority will be made annually and increase over the 25-year term bringing the total value of the agreement to over $9 million.

Town and Village of Boonville Agreements

The following are key provisions of the agreements:

  • Annual payment by the Authority to the Village of $45,000 and $50,000 to the Town.
  • One-time $10,000 contribution for emergency services.
  • Authority will provide for the transportation of waste and recyclables from the Boonville transfer station with the no disposal charge for the first 600 tons of refuse each year.
  • Authority will provide for transportation and disposal of wastewater treatment sludge from the Village’s wastewater treatment plant.
  • The Authority will pay for all expenses associated with improving the State Route 294/46 intersection. Upon completion of the improvements to the intersection, the Authority will provide the Village with a one-time payment of $400,000 to be utilized by the Village toward additional improvement projects determined by the Village.
  • Regular reporting by the Authority to both the Village and the Town on environmental monitoring and transportation.
  • The first option to purchase power from the Authority landfill gas to energy project is granted to the Boonville Municipal Power Commission.


As provided under New York State law, and as done for other jurisdictions when the Authority owns the property, the Authority also makes payments in lieu of taxes (PILOTS) to the Town of Ava and Oneida County for the real property taxes. 

The Authority also makes annual payments to the Adirondack Central School district which ensure no loss of revenue to the school district.

The payments by the Authority exceed the payments by prior property owners. Therefore, the town and county have seen no loss of tax revenue due to the landfill.