June 24, 2020

Solid Waste Authority Reminds Residents of its Green Waste Compost Program

The Oneida-Herkimer Solid Waste Authority (Authority) wants to remind residents that yard/green waste compost is now available in bulk and in bags. Composting is nature’s way of recycling and the Authority’s compost is made from Green Waste (brush, leaves and grass clippings) from Oneida and Herkimer Counties and turned into a useful soil amendment for gardens, lawns and landscaping. The high-quality, finished compost is screened and available for purchase by residents and businesses in the region. 

The Authority began operating its 13 acre Green Waste Compost Facility in 1994. The regional facility serves approximately 17 area municipalities and a number of private haulers, businesses, institutions and landscapers. About 2/3 of the population of Oneida & Herkimer Counties utilize the site.

The Authority's yard waste compost has been certified by the US Composting Council under its Seal of Testing Assurance Program as consistent, high-quality compost. This means the Authority's compost has been tested by third party laboratories to ensure that it meets all state and federal environmental requirements. Compost test results are available on our website at

The Authority’s finished compost is made entirely from processed brush, leaves and grass clippings, fully cured and screened to 1/2”.   No sewage sludge or solid wastes are included in our compost mix. Compost alone is not a fertilizer.  Compost should be used as a soil additive to develop or improve moisture retention and add important organic matter.  Compost worked into clay or sandy soils improves texture, helps with compaction and aerates the soil, thereby facilitating grass and turf root development.  It can also be used as a substitute for landscaping mulch or peat moss.

Compost Application:

  • Lawn Establishment and Maintenance
    • Establishment: Apply 1 - 2 inches of compost to the new lawn area.  Incorporate into the soil to a depth of 5 – 8 inches.  Rake soil surface smooth prior to applying seed.  Apply seed as required.  Lightly water the newly seeded area.
    • Maintenance: Apply fine layer of ¼ to ½ inch of compost and rake evenly across the lawn. Reseed if needed and lightly water.
  • Flower Bed and Garden Soil Maintenance
    Apply about 2 inches of compost to the garden. Blend with existing soil to a depth of 6 - 8 inches
  • Landscaping Development and Maintenance
    Apply 1 – 3 inches of compost around planting beds, trees and shrubs. 
  • Tree and Shrub Planting
    Excavate a hole slightly shallower and 2 to 3 times the width of the root ball or container. Uniformly blend compost with the excavated soil at 1 part compost to 2-3 parts soil. Back-fill and firm the soil/compost blend around loose roots and root ball within the planting hole.  Water trees and shrubs thoroughly after planting. 

The Authority’s screened, cured compost is available in bulk loads or in bags.

Bulk Price:
$15.00 per cubic yard loaded in your dump truck at the Utica facility only.

Pick-up Truck Price:
$15.00 per pick-up truck, $20.00 per large pick-up truck loaded at the Utica facility and Rome facility.

Bagged Price:
$2 each, or 3 for $5, available at the EcoDrop Rome (Perimeter Road, Rte. 365, Rome) and EcoDrop Utica (Leland Ave. Extension, Utica). Please call (315) 733-1224 to ensure availability of bagged compost.

Each bag weighs about 45 pounds and contains 1.2 cubic feet of compost.

For more information on Authority compost, facility locations and hours of operation or other programs, please visit or call (315) 733-1224.