April 11, 2019

Solid Waste Authority Announces Compost Bin & Rain Barrel Sale

In an effort to increase backyard composting, reduce waste, conserve water usage and improve municipal stormwater runoff, the Oneida-Herkimer Solid Waste Authority in cooperation with the Oneida County Sewer District is hosting a compost bin and rainwater barrel sale. This year, compost bins and rain barrels must be ordered and paid for in advance by May 10, 2019. Pickup will be held on Friday, May 17th and Saturday May 18th.

Why Compost?

Home composting is a simple and economical way to manage yard and food waste. Composting organic material helps reduce our reliance on our landfill and produce a high quality, usable product. Composting is nature’s way of recycling.

Why Use a Rain Barrel?

Most of the time, the Oneida County Sanitary Sewer System works efficiently. However, when we have heavy rainfall or when snow melts, stormwater enters the system and causes sewage overflow into the Mohawk River.

Calculations show that a roof of 1,000 square feet in size can produce more than 600 gallons of storm runoff for every 1-inch of rain. You can simply disconnect your roof leader or downspout and capture that water with a rain barrel. With the water from your rain barrel, you can water gardens, lawns, and hanging plants; wash cars; and more.

For more information on rain barrels or Operation Ripple Effect, an Oneida County initiative that offers simple steps to help keep the Mohawk River clean, visit

How to Order a Compost Bin or Rain Barrel

Residents can pre-order a compost bin or rain barrel at 50% below the retail cost by visiting Please note: Orders for compost bins and rain barrels must be completed online before May 10th.

  • Compost bins - $50.00 (includes tax)
  • Rain Barrels - $60.00 (includes tax)

How Do I Pick-Up My Compost Bin and/or Rain Barrel?

Compost bins and rain barrels can be picked up on Friday, May 17th from 2 PM – 6 PM or on Saturday, May 18th from 10 AM – 2 PM (rain or shine) at the Oneida-Herkimer Recycling Center, Leland Avenue Extension, Utica, NY 13502. Only those who pre-order online by May 10th will be able to pick one up. Delivery is not available.

For more information regarding the compost bin and rain barrel sale, please visit For more information on composting, solid waste and recycling programs, please visit or call the Authority’s Office at (315) 733-1224. You can also visit the Authority’s Facebook page (Oneida Herkimer Solid Waste Authority) to ask questions and find more information on these topics.