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March 18, 2019

Parkway Center Achieves RecycleOne Business Certification

The Oneida-Herkimer Solid Waste Authority (Authority) is pleased to announce that the Parkway Center (Center), located at 220 Memorial Parkway in Utica, has obtained the Authority’s RecycleOne Business Certification.

The RecycleOne Business Certification requires an on-site review from Authority staff to verify that specific solid waste management, recycling and energy reduction criteria have been achieved. If the criteria have been achieved, the Authority will issue the facility or business an official RecycleOne Business Certification.

This certification is free and available to businesses located in Oneida and Herkimer counties. Accepted businesses will receive RecycleOne logos, will be featured as a RecycleOne Business on the Authority website and will be eligible to win the Authority’s annual Recycling Champion Award.

The Parkway Center is dedicated to helping adults over 50 years of age maintain an active, healthy, and rewarding lifestyle. The Center has recently re-vamped their recycling program, and members are eager to join the cause to reduce, reuse, and recycle any items that they use during their daily time at the Center!

The Parkway Center’s Executive Director, Kelly Walters, also manages the Second Chance Tool Store (Second Chance) on Genesee Street, and the New2U thrift store on Washington Street. Second Chance sells donated, high quality tools for a reduced price. This helps keep well made (but hardly used) tools from going to the landfill or collecting dust in your basement. New2U has a similar message and business model, but focuses on clothes and other household items.

The Parkway Center, and its sister companies, are achieving landfill diversion in the following ways:

  • Running a carpool transportation service to pick up members, thereby reducing carbon emissions
  • Regular recycling of milk cartons, paper, cardboard and returnable bottles & cans
  • Maintaining Second Chance tool store, thereby keeping old tools out of the landfill
  • Maintaining New2U thrift store to keep donated clothes out of the landfill
  • Running an active garden club to positively benefit the environment

“The organizations that I oversee are all geared toward giving people and items renewed purpose and positivity. Our senior members, volunteers, and employees at the parkway center are very excited to initiate this recycling program. It means a lot to our members to have a healthy lifestyle, and a healthy environment is part of that,” says Walters.

“The Parkway Center, Second Chance and New2U are all businesses that are focused on collaboration, reuse, and reduction of waste. The Parkway Center is a great stage to display the recycling mission and it is excellent to see the members enthusiasm for the program. We are pleased to award the Parkway Center a RecycleOne Business Certification, says Emily Albright, Authority Director of Recycling. 

Recycling in the workplace not only helps the environment, but can be economically advantageous by allowing for lower costs for waste removal and possible revenues from recycling. The program also encourages social responsibility, positive public response and sustainability.

For more information, or to get YOUR business certified, please contact Emily Albright at (315) 733-1224 ext. 1600 or visit to download the RecycleOne Business Recycling Program Guide.