Recycling Champion 2021 3
January 7, 2022

Harbor Point Receives 2021 Recycling Champion Award

The Oneida-Herkimer Solid Waste Authority (Authority) annually recognizes one certified RecycleOne Business that has taken initiative to reduce their solid waste stream through reduction, recycling and proper disposal. In 2021 the Authority honored Harbor Point Mineral Products (Harbor Point) located in Utica, NY with the Recycling Champion Award.

There are currently over 40 local businesses in the Authority’s RecycleOne Business Program. Every certified RecycleOne Business, regardless of the year they joined the program, is eligible to win the annual Recycling Champion Award in any subsequent year. This certification is free and available to all businesses in Oneida and Herkimer Counties.

Harbor Point has been supplying vitamins, minerals and other specialty products to animal feed companies since 1993. While based in Utica, Harbor Point processes raw ingredients from all over the world in order to provide quality nutrition for various types of animals.

“At Harbor Point, we try to be proactive about waste reduction. This comes with its own challenges, as much of the material we handle can be difficult to recycle. For example, we receive most shipments in supersacks (bulk containers made of woven polyethylene), and while the Authority cannot accept these containers for recycling, we found another outlet for them. We also donate used pallets for community use,” says Keith Crane, Director of Safety & Regulations at Harbor Point Mineral Products.

Harbor Point was selected for the Recycling Champion Award based on their recycling and waste reduction efforts, including:

  • Recycling approximately 24 bales of office paper per year
  • Consistently recycling all scrap metal and motor oil
  • Converting all lightbulbs to energy efficient LEDs
  • Donating used pallets to the community for re-use
  • Recycling over 11 tons of supersacks annually

“Harbor Point is a specialty business, and with that comes unique waste streams. The Authority commends them for their resourcefulness when it comes to recycling and waste reduction, and they deserve recognition of this hard work,” says Samantha Brown, Authority Recycling Coordinator.

The Authority’s RecycleOne Business program continues to grow every year. For more information, or to get your business certified, please contact Samantha Brown, Recycling Coordinator at (315) 733-1224 ext. 2800 or visit