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September 14, 2018

Holland Farms Bakery & Deli Achieves RecycleOne Business Certification

The Oneida-Herkimer Solid Waste Authority (Authority) is pleased to announce that Holland Farms, located at 50 Oriskany Blvd. in Yorkville, has obtained the Authority’s RecycleOne Business Certification. 

Holland Farms has been in business for 63 years. Throughout that time, Holland Farms has built strong connections to local agriculture and is a daily contributor to food donation programs in the area. Recently, they have begun to replace some old equipment with new energy efficient models and have changed some of their packaging to be more environmentally friendly. 

The RecycleOne Business Certification requires an on-site review from Authority staff to verify that specific solid waste management, recycling and energy reduction criteria have been achieved. If the criteria have been achieved, the Authority will issue the facility or business an official RecycleOne Business Certification

This certification is free and available to businesses located in Oneida and Herkimer counties. Accepted businesses will receive RecycleOne logos and updated quarterly recycling information. In addition, they will be featured as a RecycleOne business on the Authority website and will be eligible to win the Authority’s annual Recycling Champion award. 

The Authority’s on-site review found that Holland Farms Bakery & Deli has made the following environmental efforts:

  • Daily donation to local soup kitchens and some parties/events when possible
  • Daily recycling of all plastic, metal, paper, and glass
  • New energy efficient freezers, oven, and steam proofer
  • New paper ‘to-go’ cups instead of Styrofoam
  • Locally sourced ingredients in many baked/deli goods
  • Staff re-use or recycle all boxes, bins, and containers 

“We are proud of the changes that we have been able to make in recent years to make our business ‘greener.’ Holland Farms has always been committed to having a positive impact on the local community. Joining the RecycleOne team helps us to extend that positive impact to the environment,” says Marolyn Wilson, one of Holland Farms current owners. 

“Holland Farms is a large bakery, and their daily donations, recycling, and responsible use of energy adds up to make a big difference. Holland Farms is very deserving of this certification, and we are happy to see them join our RecycleOne program,” says Emily Albright, Authority Director of Recycling.  

Recycling in the workplace not only helps the environment, but can be economically advantageous by allowing for lower costs for waste removal and possible revenues from recycling. The program also encourages social responsibility, positive public response and sustainability. 

For more information on the Authority’s RecycleOne Business Recycling Program, please contact Emily Albright, Director of Recycling, at (315) 733-1224 ext. 1600 or visit www.RecycleOneBusiness.com to download the RecycleOne Business Recycling Program Guide.