November 19, 2018

Holiday Recycling Reminders from the Solid Waste Authority

Many people prepare turkey over the holidays, but disposing of the leftover grease does not have to be a challenge. The Oneida-Herkimer Solid Waste Authority (Authority) appreciates the recycling efforts from residents in our region and would like to remind them of the Authority’s cooking oil recycling program. The Authority accepts used cooking oil/kitchen grease from residents year-round at the Utica EcoDrop Monday-Friday from 8am-4pm and Saturday from 7am-2pm. Authority facilities will be closed on Thanksgiving Day (Thursday, November 22nd) but will reopen on Friday, November 23rd.

Residents may deliver liquid cooking grade fats, oils and grease at no charge. The material is stored in 300-gallon plastic containers and picked up by a rendering company to be recycled into animal feed. Residents should transport used oils/fats/grease in sealed, unbreakable, leak-proof containers. Restaurants and businesses should contact a rendering company for direct pick-up.

Aluminum foil wrap, trays and baking tins are another popular item used by residents throughout the holiday season. Such items are accepted for curbside recycling year-round, however they must be empty and rinsed before placing them in the bin. If you have aluminum foil items that are contaminated with food that cannot be rinsed off, please place them in your regular garbage.

Keep in mind that having clearly marked recycling bins available at your holiday gatherings will significantly reduce the number of times you have to take out the trash as well as the amount of garbage you send to the landfill. Be sure to recycle food and beverage containers such as plastic bottles and cups, beverage cartons (broth, milk, juice, and juice boxes) and metal and aluminum cans.

For more information on recycling and waste disposal, please contact Authority Director of Recycling Emily Albright at (315) 733-1224 ext. 1600 or visit