August 15, 2018

Cornerstone Herkimer Achieves RecycleOne Business Certification

The Oneida-Herkimer Solid Waste Authority is pleased to announce that Cornerstone Herkimer, LLC. located at 417 East German Street in Herkimer has obtained the Authority’s RecycleOne Business Certification. 

Cornerstone Herkimer, LLC. is a wellness center focused on repairing and strengthening relationships between children and their family members. “Families are the most basic functional unit of our country, the foundation in which children are raised and then sent off into our modern society… (the Cornerstone staff) can help you begin the work necessary to turn your child into a happier, healthier, functional member of your family, as well as a productive achiever in school and society,” says Ward Halverson, the chief licensed, practicing child and family therapist at Cornerstone. 

The RecycleOne Business Certification requires an on-site review from Authority staff to verify that specific solid waste management, recycling and energy reduction criteria have been achieved. If the criteria have been achieved, the Authority will issue the facility or business an official RecycleOne Business Certification

The Cornerstone wellness center has a mission to guide children and their families through difficult situations and to improve their lives. By pursuing this certification, Halverson has incorporated respect and responsibility toward the environment into Cornerstone’s message. 

“Cornerstone is doing very meaningful work with local children and their families. It is great to have had the opportunity to promote environmental stewardship as a part of Cornerstone’s core message of personal and social responsibility. We are glad to award Cornerstone an official RecycleOne Business Certification,” said Emily Albright, Authority Director of Recycling. 

Recycling in the workplace not only helps the environment, but can be economically advantageous by allowing for lower costs for waste removal and possible revenues from recycling. The program also encourages social responsibility, positive public response and sustainability. 

For more information on the Authority’s RecycleOne Business Recycling Program, contact Emily Albright, Director of Recycling, at (315) 733-1224 ext. 1600 or visit to download the RecycleOne Business Recycling Program Guide.