Recycling Champion 2019 3
January 13, 2020

Compassion Coalition Receives 2019 Recycling Champion Award

The Oneida-Herkimer Solid Waste Authority (Authority) annually recognizes one certified RecycleOne Business that has taken the initiative to reduce their solid waste stream through reduction, recycling and proper disposal. This year, the Authority is honoring the Compassion Coalition (Coalition), located in Utica, NY, with their 2019 Recycling Champion Award

There are currently 39 local businesses in the Authority’s RecycleOne Business program. Every certified RecycleOne Business, regardless of the year they joined the program, is eligible to win the annual Recycling Champion Award in any subsequent year.

In order to connect people in this area to overproduced foods and household goods, Mike Servello founded the Coalition in 2000. In 2002, Servello opened Your Bargain Grocer (now located on Lincoln Ave) to help fund this humanitarian cause and sell the overproduced goods at a discounted price. Since that time, Your Bargain Grocer has worked to reduce food waste from the moment food comes through their doors until the moment it leaves.

The Coalition was selected for the 2019 Recycling Champion Award based on their extensive recycling and waste reduction efforts, which include:

  • Daily recycling of paper, cardboard, plastic, metal and glass
  • Donation of nearly 5,000 pounds of unsold food every week for animal feed
  • Since August of 2019, the Coalition has diverted over 30 tons of inedible food waste from the Regional Landfill through the Authority’s Food2Energy program, which turns food waste into electricity
  • The use of Energy Star certified refrigerators, LED lightbulbs, and re-purposed equipment at their new Your Bargain Grocer store located on Lincoln Ave

“The Coalition works tirelessly to make sure no ‘waste’ is wasted. At every step in the chain, they are determined to keep food waste out of the Landfill, in addition to maintaining their single stream recycling program,” says Emily Albright, Authority Director of Recycling. “The Coalition deserves recognition of this hard work, and the Authority is happy to present them with this award,” she continued.

The Authority’s RecycleOne Business program continues to grow every year. For more information, or to get YOUR business certified, please contact Emily M. Albright, Director of Recycling, at (315) 733-1224 ext. 1600.