America Recycles Day November 15 2021 6
November 12, 2021

Authority Celebrates America Recycles Day and Showcases Winners of Fall Recycling Challenges

Monday, November 15th marks the 24th annual America Recycles Day, a nationwide initiative dedicated to increasing awareness and showcasing the accomplishments of recycling. Each year, millions of people are encouraged to “Go Green” by reducing waste, increasing recycling, and purchasing recycled products.

Since 1991, the Oneida-Herkimer Solid Waste Authority (Authority) has recycled over 1 million tons of material. The Authority continually monitors recycling markets to find long term, secure channels for recyclable material. This allows the Authority to provide recycling opportunities for as many materials as possible in an environmentally beneficial and cost-effective manner.

This year, the Authority would like to thank the residents of our two counties for prioritizing recycling not just on November 15th, but every day of the year. Due to the efforts of our residents, local municipalities, hauling companies and Authority run programs, Oneida & Herkimer Counties have a recycling rate of 52%, significantly higher than the national average of 32%.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, every 10,000 tons of recycled material creates 16 jobs and conserves over 5 billion cubic yards of landfill space. “Last year, we shipped over 35,000 tons of processed recyclables to Recycling Mills, which is where the recyclables are turned into brand new, usable products,” says Samantha Brown, Authority Recycling Coordinator. “America Recycles Day is a good time to reflect on the combined waste reduction and recycling efforts of our entire community, and to celebrate the positive impact that these actions have had on our region,” she continued.

The Authority has a comprehensive recycling and waste management system that encompasses several different programs and facilities that residents and businesses are encouraged to utilize, including: Green Waste Composting Program, Food2Energy Program, Household Hazardous Waste Facility, Electronics Recycling Program, Landfill Gas to Energy Program, RecycleOne Business Program and Green Team School Recycling Program.

On America Recycles Day, the Authority wanted to congratulate local youth that participated in our Fall Recycling Challenges! This year, we hosted a “Green Halloween Costume Competition” and a “Poster Contest” – with winners being awarded up to a $250 Amazon gift-card.

 (See all winning posters below!)

“Getting the kids involved is so important. When waste reduction habits and mindfulness about environmental conservation are taught at a young age, it really stays with you all your life. The participants in our Fall Recycling Challenges this year did a great job, and their creativity and passion for preserving our natural resources is inspiring to see,” says Brown.

For more information on recycling and other Authority programs, please visit or contact Samantha Brown at (315) 733-1224 ext. 2800.