Village of Mohawk

Solid Waste/Trash/Recycling/Green Waste Guidelines - (Effective 01/01/2022)
Residents have the option to use either Village of Mohawk garbage bags or carts. The bag and cart system applies to all Village residents and businesses that do not have private dumpster service or a private collection dumpster contract.

Please note: Residents who do not participate in the public solid waste collection system will not receive service for recycling, bulk items, electronic waste, steel/metal items, major appliances/white goods, and/or green waste collection.

Households that utilize the Village garbage bags or the cart system for garbage/trash will also receive a cart for recyclables. Recyclables must be placed inside the cart loosely, with no plastic bags, string or twine. 

Village Garbage Bags
If you choose to use Village of Mohawk orange garbage bags, they are available at:

  • Mohawk Fastrac Market – 1 West Main Street

Cost for the Bags:

  • Large = $3.75
  • Small = $3.10

Cart System
If you choose to participate in the cart system, please contact the Oneida-Herkimer Solid Waste Authority Office via email at or by phone at 733-1224 ext. 2000 to arrange for cart service.

Cost for Carts [Payments to be made quarterly, in advance.]

  • 32-gallon = $62.00 per quarter
  • 64-gallon = $77.00 per quarter
  • 95-gallon = $95.00 per quarter

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