Regional Clean & Green Effort in a "Quaran-TEAM" Way

Clean & Green Registration Form

On behalf of Keep Mohawk Valley Beautiful and the Oneida-Herkimer Solid Waste Authority, we thank you for your interest in the Regional Clean & Green Effort scheduled for April 1 - June 20!

You can register your event (below) to be recognized for your efforts. Soon after you register, a Keep Mohawk Valley Beautiful representative will contact you and provide a short reporting form for you to submit following your project so that we can collectively showcase the efforts of the volunteers throughout the six-County region. Projects may include cleaning, planting or recycling. 

By registering your event, you are eligible for free materials such as gloves, bags, PPE and bottled water.

The KMVB Regional Clean & Green Effort is an opportunity for individuals, families, volunteer groups, businesses and organizations to participate in beautifying the Mohawk Valley region.

Individuals and families who are quarantined together can break up their day by taking a walk outside alone or as a family to clean up litter along their property/streets and surrounding areas. 

KMVB reminds volunteers participating in the Clean & Green Effort to wear Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) such as masks and gloves when appropriate during litter cleanups.

KMVB will be hosting a kick-off event to celebrate the 2021 Regional Clean & Green Effort in a “Quaran-TEAM” Way on Saturday, April 24th at 10 AM at Hanna Park, Utica, NY. Registered cleanup groups will be able to pick up free materials at the event from 10 AM – 2 PM.

To phone-in your registration or if you have any questions please call (315) 733-1224 ext. 2300.

Thank you for stepping up to Keep Mohawk Valley Beautiful!



As the regional affiliate of the Keep America Beautiful Program, we may be eligible for future financial and technical assistance based on our level of local volunteer participation. For this reason, it is important for us to document all individual events and to initiate new projects. Projects may include cleaning, planting, recycling and other related neighborhood beautification, rehabilitation or "green" education projects. If you are involved in more than one cleanup effort, please register each event below.

We look forward to working with you to Keep the Mohawk Valley Beautiful!

Please fill out the following contact information.