Bonide Products, Inc. Achieves RecycleOne Business Certification

December 12 2016


The Oneida-Herkimer Solid Waste Authority is pleased to announce that Bonide Products, Inc. located at 6301 Sutliff Road in Oriskany has obtained the Authority’s RecycleOne Business Certification.

It was 1926 when James H. Wurz along with his brother George started what we know today as Bonide Products, Inc. It’s over 90 years later and not much has changed. Bonide is still a family owned and operated business who cares about the environment, their customers, employees and suppliers.

Bonide has always been committed to providing the best possible solutions for home, lawn and garden pest problems. This includes attractive, convenient, cost effective packaging and product selection second to none. They are also proud of their complete line of Garden Naturals. Effective, time tested solutions that Bonide has been marketing since long before it was “hip to be green.”

The RecycleOne Business Certification requires an on-site review from Authority staff to verify that specific solid waste management, recycling and energy reduction criteria have been achieved.  If the criteria have been achieved, the Authority will issue the facility or business an official RecycleOne Business Certification.

Some of Bonide’s sustainable efforts include: 

  • Developing an aggressive recycling program for all events and activities
  • Implementing waste reduction and energy efficient policies and practices
  • Forming an active Green Team
  • Use of environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • Proper recycling of electronics, light bulbs, toner cartridges and batteries
  • Use of solar panels for power
  • Recycling of all paper, plastics, glass, plastic film, aluminum and scrap metal
  • Reuse and recycling of Corrugated Cardboard
  • Recycling of wood pallets/skids
  • Proper recycling of drums and totes

“I was thoroughly impressed with Bonide’s manufacturing facility. They do an excellent job to ensure that all staff are aware of and familiar with all company waste reduction programs, policies, and objectives. The staff at Bonide have done a tremendous job and are very deserving of this certification,” concluded Emily Albright, Authority Director of Recycling.   

Recycling in the workplace not only helps the environment, but can be economically advantageous by allowing for lower costs for waste removal and possible revenues from recycling. The program also encourages social responsibility, positive public response and sustainability.

For more information on the Authority’s RecycleOne Business Recycling Program, contact Emily Albright, Director of Recycling, at (315) 733-1224 Ext. 1600 or visit  to download the RecycleOne Business Recycling Program Guide.